The Milliner’s Spy Book

The Milliner's SpySt. James’s, London, England 1944 

When timid milliner Agnes Vine is unexpectedly whisked away from her normal life and trained by the Secret Intelligence Service for a top-secret mission she feels totally unprepared despite months of training in a covert facility deep in the English countryside.

She is a most ridiculous spy.

Enduring beatings, intimidation and a controlling handler, Agnes puts aside her fear and pain in memory of her beloved mentor, fashionable London milliner Yetta Beck. Agnes wants more than anything to fight for her country and to fight, as Yetta could not, against those responsible for the disappearance of Yetta’s Jewish family in Germany.

Her mission is simple – to watch, report and help a secret agent find the German spy working out of London’s most prestigious hatters, Lock and Co – the hat maker of choice for Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

But all is not what it seems and Agnes’s world whirls out of control as she uncovers the complicated truth of life at the hatters. The German spy network is bigger than she or the British intelligence services ever realised.

Agnes must transform from the timid milliner into a powerful and courageous spy if she is ever going to complete her mission before World War 2’s most important secret falls into the wrong hands.

Set in the heart of London’s intelligence community during World War 2, The Milliner’s Spy is a gripping story about the deceptions of war, the fight for freedom and the enduring spirit an unlikely heroine.


Release date in Summer/Autumn 2014 to be confirmed. Check out the articles on the Writing and Research pages. Or click on a category in the sidebar for posts on the blog.

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